Risk Control & Risk-Benefit

4 minute read.

This article explains Risk / Benefit analysis and Risk Control methods using performances of Harry “The Hat” Anderson, a comedian, actor, and magician famous for visual humor.

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Make state of the art medical devices

7 minute read.

The new European Union Medical Device Regulation will protect patient safety by requiring healthcare companies to make products that are “state of the art,” a term that’s easily misunderstood. This law is best explained with an example from cars,  comparing today’s state of the art with to the 1980’s television series Knight Rider, where David Hasselhoff fought crime in a talking, self-driving car.

How to apply Risk Management

6 minute read.

In 1986 the space shuttle Challenger exploded, killing the crew and a high-school teacher that had trained with the astronauts. In this article, I travel back in time to reanalyze the Space Shuttle program using modern methods for Risk Management.

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The risk of being biased

3 minute read.
Teams resist change because of biases, our tendency to form opinions based on incomplete or inaccurate information. This article explains the nature of our biases and why we resist new regulations in healthcare safety, but the concepts apply to all of us.

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