Meditations on meditation

How to meditate

This article is how to meditate and reduce suffering from chronic pain.

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Mindful meditation for pain relief

7 minute read.

Meditation and mindfulness reduce suffering from pain. The United States Veterans Administration advocates mindful awareness, a process each person must follow until finding what works for their unique situation. Many books and online resources are available to help your process; here’s what worked for me, I hope it helps you. Read more

Meditate on the Buddha’s final words

This article shares what I learned while meditating on the Buddha’s final words, while backpacking the route of his life from birth to death, from Nepal to India.
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The risk of being biased

3 minute read.
Teams resist change because of biases, our tendency to form opinions based on incomplete or inaccurate information. This article explains the nature of our biases and why we resist new regulations in healthcare safety, but the concepts apply to all of us.

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Why I practice writing

I enjoy learning while teaching complex concepts, so I’m learning to improve my communications skills while writing a blog, using topics I enjoy as analogies to concepts in my work. If you’re reading this, please consider skipping it because it’s a work in progress and may not be worth your time.

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