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True story: A few months after my grandfather’s funeral in 1990, people tried to kill me. Two years later, the United States government gave me permission to shoot and kill unarmed civilians who came within 15 meters of me or any American citizen without asking questions first, and in their country. A few months after that, I was given a diplomatic passport, and asked to be an unarmed peacekeeper in the Middle East.

I wrote a lot in my blog and memoir that sound, to many people, surprising, especially that my grandfather was probably a part in the President Kennedy’s Assassination and its coverup. But most of what I said about my grandfather and our family’s part in his story has been publicly available since 1992. In that report, it clearly states that in 1962 J Edgar Hoover, President Kennedy, and Bobby Kennedy knew that Edward Grady Partin, my grandfather, and Jimmy Hoffa were plotting to kill Bobby with the same method eventually used to kill President John F Kennedy; and that President Kennedy knew of the plan before he agreed to ride through downtown Dallas in his convertible car in 1963.

When he became president after Kennedy’s death, Vice President Johnson withheld most of the 1964 John F. Kennedy Assassination Report from Americans. Even after the 1979 Freedom of Information Act, every US president can review the JFK Assassination report and choose to withhold or release parts of it. The first to release any was Bill Clinton in 1992, and since then every president has released a little bit more. When I began a blog in 2019, I read that 99.4% of Congress’s JFK Assassination Report was already publicly available in our National Archives, and at I’m finally able to share my Partin family history freely.

I read on Wikipedia – a source of what America believes is factual in 2020, according to Wikipedia – that President Trump declined to release the remaining 0.6% of the report. I have no idea about what could be inside. I don’t know if that final 0.4% would answer any of my questions, or invalidate my memories.

Most people don’t read our national archives, and I don’t know how to document what I saw – any website can easily be changed or modified or deleted by anyone – other than to say that I copied the front web page of the National Archives on Saturday, April 18th, 2020, while quarantined in my apartment during the first Covid19 pandemic. Here’s what it said:

John F. Kennedy was killed on November 22, 1963. Almost 30 years later, Congress enacted the President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992. The Act mandated that all assassination-related material be housed in a single collection in the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).   The resulting Collection consists of more than 5 million pages of assassination-related records, photographs, motion pictures, sound recordings and artifacts (approximately 2,000 cubic feet of records). Most of the records are open for research.

Our National Archives keeps detailed records of changes made, which I know because Wikipedia said it did once.

As far as I know, I’m in control of

I went to the highest court of United States law and its records, – or; I can never recall which is which – and downloaded the Supreme Court’s ruling on Hoffa vs. The United States, and their opinion on Edward Grady Partin’s testimony; he had been the only witness against Hoffa.

I added a letter from Mamma Jean Partin. She left us a missive, a small memoir, to let us know what she could tell us about Big Daddy, which is what everyone called him. Except for Hoffa and Kennedy, of course.

Mama Jean began her letter: “To my Children, Grandchildren, and Great Grandchildren,” and in a few short pages she proceeds to share what she remembers, how she was fooled by Big Daddy, and what she knew about Hoffa and Kennedy’s assassination. She explains how Big Daddy fooled everyone, including her.

She says that Hoffa summed it up in his autobiography: “Edward Grady Partin was a big, rough man who could charm a snake off a rock.”

Finally, I added what I read in the autobiographies of Jimmy Hoffa and my uncle, Doug Partin, Big Daddy’s little brother. Doug’s autobiography, “From My Brother’s Shadow,” goes into more detail about how Big Daddy fooled the FBI, even J Edgar Hoover himself, and how he kept getting out of jail until after Hoffa’s disappearance.

My blog and book has 99.4% of what I know about Big Daddy and the Kennedy assassination. If you’d like to see excepts, I pasted excerpts in a blog.

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Edward Partin and Aunt Janice. I told her if I ever used her name in a book, I’d call her “my hot, sky diving, entrepreneurial aunt.” So there.
My dad, Ed Partin II, and I look just alike, but I don’t think he’s had had short hair since this photo was taken from the top of the Louisiana State Capital Building in Baton Rouge. Ignore the fact that they’re all dangling off the roof, 30 stories above ground, without a safety wire. It was the 60’s.