This is the story of my final 1990 high school wrestling match against Hillary Clinton, a three-time Louisiana State Champion at 145 pounds, and my subsequent service in the first Gulf War of 1990-1991 as a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne, and of my 1993 service as an unarmed peacekeeper in the Middle East. The story centers around my grandfather’s 1990 funeral; he was Edward Grady Partin Senior, the Louisiana Teamster leader who worked with US Attorney General Bobby Kennedy and FBI director J. Edgar Hoover to send Jimmy Hoffa to prison in 1964, and who was a suspect in President John F. Kennedy’s 1962 assassination.

As a spoiler: I don’t know what happened to Hoffa’s body, and we didn’t succeed at peace in the Middle East. But, I still think this is an interesting story, and, as a pun on my family’s name, I call it “A Part in History.”

Table of Contents:


Part I

  1. JIP
  2. Rumors
  3. The Blood Feud
  4. The war on drugs
  5. Coach Dale Ketelsen
  6. Wrestling Hillary Clinton
  7. Late Night with David Letterman

Part II

  1. A part in war
  2. A part in peace
  3. LSU and Gravity waves

Part III

  1. Wendy’s Angel


AT-4 and The Delta Dogs of Delta Company, Battallion, 82nd Airborne Division, United States Army, 1990-1991