My grandfather was Edward Grady Partin Senior, the Baton Rouge Teamster leader who sent Jimmy Hoffa to prison in 1964 and who is a person of interest in the 1963 assassination of President John. F. Kennedy.

My grandfather died in 1990, my senior year of high school. His final words were, “No one will ever know my part in history,” and, coincidentally, Jack Ruby had said those same words from prison in 1965, a year after he shot and killed Lee Harvey Oswald on live television. They were probably right.

I’m Jason Ian Partin, Edward Partin Senior’s grandson, and this is a work in progress. It’s a memoir from my perspective as a small part in his story, and it’s about Hoffa’s disappearance and Kennedy’s murder.

Part I

  1. A Partin history
  2. Rumors
  3. Ronald Reagan
  4. The Blood Feud
  5. Rambo and the war on drugs
  6. The Magic of David Copperfield
  7. Operation Just Cause
  8. Wrestling Hillary Clinton
  9. Late Night with David Letterman

Part II

  1. A part in war
  2. Everything is a choice.
  3. Two Minutes
  4. The Devils in Baggy Pants
  5. The All Americans
  6. A part in peace
  7. Mostly Harmless

Part III

  1. Wendy’s Angel
  2. So What?