Preface: Wendy’s Angel


Part I, a part in family

  1. Ed Partin Jr. & Stevie Nicks
  2. Wendy Partin & Kelly’s Girls
  3. Prince Edward’s Island, & The Space Shuttle
  4. David Copperfield & The Statue of Liberty
  5. Dale Ketlesen & The World’s Heaviest Wrestler
  6. The Emancipation of Jason Ian Partin
  7. Barbee Abrams & The World’s Fastest Knife Thrower
  8. Edward Grady Partin, Jimmy Hoffa, & Bobby Kennedy
  9. Late Night with David Letterman
  10. Audrey Murphy

Part II, a part in war and peace

  1. Arnold Swartzeneger’s movies
  2. Captain America’s genes
  3. Boris Rubinsky’s nanomachines
  4. Professor Hamilton’s physics
  5. Huey Long’s Louisiana

Part III, a part in history

  1. I arrived in Katmandu
  2. And hiked Annapurna
  3. Saw the Dali Lama
  4. And Castro too
  5. Then we rode the train they call The City of New Orleans from Chicano to New Orleans