Jimmy Hoffa said that my grandfather was “a big, rugged guy who could charm a snake off a rock,” and Chief Justice Earl Warren called him a “threat to American justice.” He was one of the primary people behind President Kennedy’s assassination, and he died in 1990, my senior year of high school. His final words were, “No one will ever know my part in history.” He was probably right; but, this memoir is my best attempt to explain what happened.

Part I: Cranky Ken & The Irishman in the Summer of 2018

  1. The Irishman
  2. Danny
  3. All Americans
  4. Partin vs. Partin
  5. PawPaw and MawMaw
  6. Stevie Nicks is Fine
  7. Project Semicolon
  8. Spider Man
  9. Rambo & The War on Drugs
  10. JoJo
  11. Cranky Ken
Part II, Fidel Castro & WAR in the Spring of 2018
  1. Cuba
  2. Fidel Castro & Muhammed Ali
  3. Big Daddy & Castro
  4. A part in history
  5. Just in Time
  6. Wendy, Part One
  7. Wendy, Part Two
  8. St. Francisville
  9. Michael J. Richard & MR Homes
  10. The Rainbow Bridge
  11. Cristi & Hope

Part III: Fall of 2018 to Spring of 2019, & 2020 Hindsight

  1. Big Head Ben & The King of Fling
  2. The Devils in Baggy Pants & The Dragon’s Lair
  3. Debbie
  4. You Twit Tok Face @ Something