1980 Rumors

I began writing a memoir, and I wrote the first true sentence I remembered as a child: Stevie Nicks was fine.

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A Part in War

We landed, and learned that most of the 82nd Airborne Division gone. They had flown to Saudi Arabia to stop Iraqi tanks from continuing their takeover of the Middle East. Kuwait had fallen quickly, and America’s Quick Reaction force had left Fort Bragg North Colina to draw a line in the sand that unambiguously said: no one shall pass.

The world’s oil supply was at risk, and I’m sure someone was concerned about the Kuwait people, too.

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jason partin fishing - catfish frog

The War on Drugs

I’m not sure who’s responsible for me being a casualty of the War on Drugs. It could have been the new president, Ronald Reagan. In 1980 he promised the Evangelical Christian groups that financed his presidential campaign that he’d fight, and end, America’s drug problem. Or, it could have been my dad, who had earned enough money growing marijuana to buy remote land in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas, where he grew even more marijuana. Either way, I at a lot ketchup in the early 80’s.

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Play Celebrity Jeopardy! to learn the European Medical Device Regulation

I grouped celebrities who share a common medical treatment and ask you to classify the device using the new European Union Medical Device Regulation rules. I give the answers, you respond in the form of a question.

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My DHF, Version 2.1

I suggest that you stop reading. This is boring. I’m not saying that as a way to interest someone into reading more, I truly believe that this would be boring to most people.

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Bid Daddy and Jimmy Hoffa

1940’s – 1972

What Big Daddy and Uncle Doug had done in Woodville Mississippi was being repeated on a larger scale nationally. Crime and labor unions were unifying in the prosperity and opportunities that followed WWII. Politicians and presidents and gangsters were promising to make every man a king. One of those people was James “Jimmy” Hoffa, president of the national Teamsters union.

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Gumbo in Auntie Lo's fancy gumbo bowls

Wendy’s Family


In the 1950’s, my grandmother was a young woman, living a comfortable life in Richmond Hill Canada, a neighborhood of Toronto. She was petite, barely 5 feet 1 inches tall. Or, as Canadians say, she was a’boot 1.5 meters tall, ‘eh. Her wrists were so thin that her watch would barely fit around the wrist of an average eight year old girl, but her hands were big enough to hold a cocktail glass in one hand and a cigarette in the other. She enjoyed life.

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How to retire early

This article is how to retire early, based on personal experiences.

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JiP Book: A True Story

Edward Grady Partin was a big man and a small part in history. I’m his grandson, Jason Partin, but I barely knew him. When I was a child, a judge removed me from my family and placed me in the foster system. I was only a small part in the Partin family, and I was emancipated from them at 16 years old.

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How to meditate

This article is how to meditate and reduce suffering from chronic pain.

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