JiP Book: A True Story

Edward Grady Partin was a big man and a small part in history. I’m his grandson, Jason Partin, but I barely knew him. When I was a child, a judge removed me from my family and placed me in the foster system. I was only a small part in the Partin family, and I was emancipated from them at 16 years old.

I know what the story is, and I’m learning how to tell it. This blog is a prototype of what I hope becomes a book that is worth your time to read.

Mark Twain said, “I’m sorry I didn’t write a shorter letter; I didn’t have time.” I plan to take a few years to design this book through a process of continuous improvement. I’ll have to try different approaches, then shorten the story. More words count less. Your feedback could help; contact me to discuss anything.

This is a work in progress. Prototype chapters are sprinkled throughout my blog.