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Jason Partin

Magician – Trainer – Coach

Work with me

Private parties & fund raisers; proceeds go to charity

Speaking &. Performing Coach – interactive leadership & engagement

Based in San Diego, California, and Flagstaff, Arizona

Perform and work internationally

Visit the world famous

Magic Castle

A private club in Hollywood, California

Invitation only: contact me for a guest pass

Historic spaces

Intimate Magic

You and your friends, family, or clients can enjoy a focused evening of astonishment


Fine Dining

Guests should reserve 1-2 months in advance for weekend seatings, or 1-2 weeks for weekdays.

Guests can accompany members at any time.

Private dinner parties

Intimate Experiences

Special events and fund raisers for charity

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Find what works for you

Not what you’re looking for?

Here are a few magicians I recommend:

Kevin Viner for corporate center-stage events

Mike Pisciotta for close-up and walk-around

Search for other performers, like for children’s shows, in your city.

Use the internet to

Learn Magic

Make coins disappear, from Jay Sankey

Control cards, from MLT Magic

Hold your breath for 17 minutes under water, from David Blaine

Buy magic, from Penguin Magic