Jason Ian Partin


This website is a hobby. Please see my LinkedIn Page for a more traditional curriculum vitae, or scroll down for a work in progress.

Consulting and performing are in exchange for contributions to nonprofit equitable education and healthcare programs.

Jason Ian Partin co-founded two biotech companies and consulted for venture capital firms. He co-authored standards used by the FDA and ISO to increase the safety and effectiveness of medical devices globally, and he consults with corporate leaders to create education programs that ensure diverse employees can understand and apply laws in a process of continuous improvement centered around public safety.

As a faculty of engineering at two universities, Jason’s co-created and led programs for entrepreneurship integrated with math, physics, and engineering. As a teacher and mentor, he’s created and led project-based learning programs in inner-city charter schools, allowing kids to learn-by-doing real-world projects that incorporated entrepreneurship into Next Generation Science Standards.

In the 1990’s, Jason was a Paratrooper on America’s Quick Reaction Force and a decorated combat veteran. He was granted a diplomatic passport for unarmed peacekeeping in the Middle East before using the army college fund to obtain engineering degrees.

As a volunteer, Jason’s worked with Big Brothers and Big Sisters; their work helps at-risk youths receive safe mentorship. And he was as a CASA, a Court Appointed Special Advocate; their work allows part-time support of kids trapped in the foster system; a CASA can legally represent at-risk kids bouncing between transient foster homes and overcrowded juvenile facilities.

400,000 kids are in our foster system, and 85% of emancipated foster youths end up in jail, where’s 55% of their peers and influencers will exhibit signs of learning disabilities and mental illness. Most leave prison to become adults with a poor education and unmet mental and emotional needs. The National CASA programs help end the cycle of some.

Jason was emancipated at age 16 and allowed to join the army before his senior year of high school. He was the first male in his family to not go to prison. His grandfather, Edward Grady Partin, was a violent criminal and Teamster leader, and a suspect in President Kennedy’s assassination. Ed Partin was released from jail to infiltrate the Teamsters, and has been portrayed in films as the man who sent Jimmy Hoffa to prison. The Partin family is known as one of America’s first paid informants, and Jason was born into an atypical family before entering the foster system and finding mentors.

For fun, Jason’s a performer, coach, and consultant.