Jason Ian Partin


This website is a hobby. Please see my LinkedIn Page for a more traditional curriculum vitae, or scroll down for a work in progress.

I’m a magician and coach living in Arizona. Currently, I perform magic at bars, cafes, and restaurants around town.

Previously, I lived in San Diego, Boston, and Baton Rouge; cofounded two biotech companies; led project-based university classes in engineering, physics, and entrepreneurship; designed public school STEM and STEAM labs; and coached wrestling, rock climbing, and Ultimate Frisbee. In that time, I served on ISO and ASTM committees and coauthored standards for medical device safety and continuous improvement.

Before that, I was a paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne All Americans, a decorated combat vet from the first Gulf War, and an unarmed communications liaison with a 17-nation coalition in the Middle East, hoping for peace. Apparently, we didn’t succeed. But there’s still hope.

As a hobby, I consult for leaders of established education and healthcare organizations; and of early-stage startup companies with goals to grow internationally.