Jason Ian Partin

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This website is a hobby. Please see my LinkedIn Page for a traditional bio.

A work in progress


Magician, Rock Climbing Guide, & Coach

Medical Device Consultant

I’m writing a memoir; this site is practice



Jason Partin co-founded two biotech companies, and served as an executive in medical corporations and consultant for venture capital firms. He co-authored national standards for healthcare safety that’s used by the FDA to evaluate safety on spine implants, and motion-preserving and life-saving medical devices, and led international studies on the effectiveness of spine surgery on the health and happiness of people.

He’s taught at two universities, and created project-based learning programs for a Bill Gates funded charter school.

As a volunteer, he’s been a Big Buddy for at-risk youths, served on Habitat for Humanity committees standardizing construction methods, and as a CASA, holding healthcare and education rights for youths trapped in the foster system.

He’s a decorated combat veteran, and held a diplomatic passport as a Middle East peacekeeper.

He currently lives in San Diego, California, and Flagstaff, Arizona; and is writing a memoir in his free time. He feels awkward writing in third person, but book authors seem to write in third person, so he’s testing the method.

He’s hoping to write a book that provides solutions to global challenges in healthcare and education. In short: How to create linked processes of continuous improvement, so that our children’s children inherit a peaceful world. To do this, he’s writing a memoir that will hopefully speak to millions of diverse people. Fortunately, he’s had a few interesting experiences to share, because of his grandfather, Edward Grady Partin.

Now, I can write in first person. My family was infamous because of their violence and criminal background. As a child, I was removed from their custody and placed in the foster system, and at age 16 I was emancipated – declared a legal adult – and allowed to join the army, where I was possibly the youngest of 550,000 soldiers in the first Gulf War. I had mentors, and did fine. Now, I’d like to put those experiences to use for the benefit of others. This web site lets me practice.


I’ve been a rock climber and mountaineer for 25+ years, and believe it’s the most rewarding metaphor I’ve had since wrestling.


I’ve been a healthcare and sustainable business entrepreneur, and believe equitable = giving a bit more to those who start with less.


I perform magic for discerning audiences, and link it to STEAM education.