Jason Ian Partin


This website is a hobby. Please see my LinkedIn Page for a more traditional curriculum vitae, or scroll down for a work in progress.


I’m a magician and rock climbing guide, and sometimes I consult corporations about quality assurance and compassionate organizational structures. Contact me to discuss working together, and visit The Magic Castle or The Access Fund to learn more about magic and rock climbing.

Previously, I invented a few medical devices and cofounded two biotech companies, and was a manager of a few other startups that were acquired or absorbed by international corporations. My heart has always been in education, and between companies I created and led multidisciplinary courses in physics, engineering, and entrepreneurship for a few universities and public high schools. Collectively, colleagues and I have been trying to make healthcare and education equitable globally; we’re all on Earth together, regardless of imagined borders, and it may take all of us collaborating to move forward peacefully.

Before my biotech and education career, I was a decorated combat veteran with the 82nd Airborne and was a paratrooper on America’s Quick Reaction Force, and I held a diplomatic passport in the Middle East. Before that, I was co-captain of my high school wrestling team, and a somewhat respectable junior magician.

Most people who know me say that one of the more remarkable parts about me is my part in history; my grandfather, Edward Partin, was the Teamster leader famous for sending Jimmy Hoffa to prison. He’s portrayed in most films about Hoffa, and my family history overlaps Hoffa, the Kennedy assassination, Nixon’s election, and, of course, Hoffa’s disappearance when I was three years old; because I was three, it’s safe to assume that I had nothing to do with Hoffa’s disappearance. All of that story is a fun project I’m working on, a narrative memoir of my Partin history.


Jason Ian Partin